Pros And Cons Of Equipping A Manager's Office With A Half-Round Desk

Choosing the right pieces of furniture for your entire office is important, but it's perhaps especially critical to ensure that you make good choices when you're equipping your managers' offices. When it comes to choosing the desks that will sit in each of these offices, one option to choose is half-round desks. As their name suggests, these are desks that are roughly the shape of half a circle. Here are some pros and cons of choosing half-round desks.

Pro: Encourages Collaboration

A big reason to choose a half-round desk is that its size allows your managers to speak to several people at once. Some half-round desks can easily fit three or four people sitting in front of them, which can be handy in a number of scenarios. One thing that may be particularly appealing is how this setup can encourage collaboration. When a manager is meeting with a few staff members, they may all feel as though they have a say in the discussion because they have a seat at the desk.

Con: Potentially Intimidating

A manager who sits behind an enormous desk can sometimes appear to be intimidating, and this can be a challenge in some workplaces. Some managers already possess intimidating ways about them, and if such an individual were to get a large half-round desk, they may seem a little more unapproachable to the staff. This may not be a scenario that you want at your place of work.

Pro: Classy Appearance

Half-round desks often appear high end and classy, which can help to add a professional atmosphere to the office of each manager. Managers' offices should appear as professional and classy as possible, given that this is not only where your company may entertain clients, but also hire new employees. When you choose half-round desks, you can be confident that they'll improve the look of each office they sit in.

Con: Space Issues

Although half-round desks can vary in size, you'll often find that many of them are large. This may be an issue if you have some managers who are situated in offices that lack square footage. Take the measurement of each office — especially if your managers' offices are different sizes — and consider the size of the half-round desks before you decide what you'll buy. Opting for smaller desks may limit the number of people who can sit at them for meetings, but improve the space management in each office.

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