Selling Your Artwork? Why You Should Use Cardboard Shipping Tubes

As an artist, you are probably extremely protective of your work. Each piece feels like your child and making the decision to sell your images to other people is a major step. It signals the time when you've grown to the point where you want the world to experience the artwork that means so much to you. As you open your virtual store and set up shop, you must decide how you're going to ship the pictures to your clients. Learn more about why cardboard shipping tubes are the ideal way for you to get the pieces to your new customers.

Reduce The Risk Of Damage With Cardboard Shipping Tubes

One of the worst things that can happen is for your artwork to arrive at its final destination with extensive damage. One wrong handler can cause your pictures to fold or rip, and, if this happens to a first-time patron, they may become so upset that they don't purchase from you again. If they leave a negative review, it could throw a monkey wrench in your plans and make it harder for you to grow your business as quickly as you would like to.

Cardboard shipping tubes provide a level of protection that you can't find using many other methods. Each piece is carefully rolled up and placed into the container without the need to fold or flatten it to its original size. You can include instructions which tell the customer how best to unravel the picture so it falls naturally into a straight shape that is easy to hang.

Keep Shipping Costs Low

During the beginning stages of your enterprise, you may not have a lot of money to spend on shipping costs. You also don't want to overcharge the customer because high shipping expenses could be enough to keep a potential patron from placing an order.

You can purchase a bulk supply of cardboard shipping tubes from a wholesale dealer to keep your shipping costs in check. Rather than sending out flattened pieces that have to be protected with multiple pieces of foam or sheet glass, why not save money by using a cardboard tube for all of your shipping needs?

Start your new business out on the right foot. Get your cardboard shipping tubes and delight your customers even more by having the tubes custom-branded with an attractive logo that lets them know that something special has just arrived.

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