Tips For Safely Relocating A Heavy Duty Toolbox

When you work as a mechanic, you'll commonly have a variety of toolboxes. In addition to the heavy-duty one that you keep at your place of work, you might also have a smaller one that you can use to carry a select number of tools to and from different jobs. The size and weight of your main toolbox mean that you won't frequently move it, but if you ever find a different job, you'll obviously need to take your toolbox with you. You'll want a pickup truck and a ramp, as well as a number of helpers who can assist you with the physically demanding task of loading the toolbox into the bed of the truck. Here are some other tips for relocating it.

Use Winch Straps

While it's important to set the brakes on your toolbox's wheels once you get it in position in the bed of your truck, this task isn't enough to prevent the toolbox from sliding around while you drive. In other to keep the toolbox stationary — thus preventing not only the shifting of your tools but also potential damage to the toolbox or to the bed of the truck — you'll want to use a couple of winch straps. Running winch straps across the top of the toolbox and along each side, and securing the hooks at the end to the bed of the pickup truck, will keep the toolbox stationary as you drive.

Place Foam In The Drawers

If you have access to some spare foam, cut a series of pieces to fit each of the drawers of your toolbox. Open one drawer at a time and lay the foam over the tools. This simple technique will be valuable for preventing excess movement of the tools. Without the foam, the tools can bounce around while you drive — leaving them in disorder by the time you reach your destination.

Drive Straight Home

It's not an exaggeration to say that a mechanic's toolbox can hold thousands of dollars' worth of equipment that they need for work. For this reason, it's important to do all that you can to limit the risk of someone stealing the toolbox out of your truck. Theoretically, someone could easily undo the winch straps, set up a ramp, and wheel the toolbox out of your truck. For this reason, you need to drive straight home once you load the toolbox. Don't stop to run any errands, as doing so could leave the toolbox vulnerable to theft.

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