How Marine Recovered Ocean Plastic Material Yarn Can Affect Your Business

As a business owner, part of your job entails keeping your company responsible for all your actions. You have to be responsible to your customers, being sure to provide them with quality products and service. You should be responsible to the community by providing jobs and benefits to the people who live there and helping when a disaster or emergency hits the area. And you must be responsible to the earth and environment by recycling and doing all you can to lower your carbon footprint. One way to help the environment is by using products like marine-recovered ocean plastic material yarn. The oceans and lakes are filled with plastic that is harmful to the animals that live there. While you are not going to go out and drag up some of the plastic to clean things up, there are other ways you can help out.

Sell Recycled Products

Many big companies are starting to use recycled ocean plastic materials in their products. Do a bit of research to find what is available. When you come across the products that you normally keep in your inventory that are available made with the recycled ocean plastics, stock them instead. This could be something as simple as plastic drink bottles or perhaps some bigger ticket items like apparel.

Make sure the customers know that the products have been made with the recycled materials. This will go far with proving your ecological responsibility, drawing more customers to your establishment. The more business you get and the more of these products you can sell, the more they will be needed, which will result in more plastic will be removed from the oceans. It really is a win-win situation.

Use Recycled Products

Sit down and talk with your suppliers. Ask about the products they carry that you normally buy from them. If they are not currently selling products made with recycled ocean plastic, suggest that they start. You should be able to buy the majority of your bags, boxes, and other shipping materials made from the recovered plastic. In addition, look for cleaning supplies that are in bottles made from the recycled material. When it comes to your office, you may have to look a bit harder, but the plastic cartridges for your printers can be made of this material. 

Customer Awareness

While making a point of letting the customers know which items have been made with recovered ocean plastic is a good start, you can do more. If you are selling recycled plastic apparel, have a small monitor in the area with a looped video showing the process of dragging up the plastic and taking it to be recycled. Let people see the huge amount of plastic in the ocean and what it does to the marine animals. The more people are aware of what is happening, the more they will want to buy the products you are selling, and then more plastic will need to be recovered. 

If you live near an ocean or lake, consider having a "cleanup" day a couple of times a year. Have an announcement to the public and ask your employees to participate. Everyone can meet on the shore with plastic bags (made from recycled ocean plastic, of course) and start cleaning the area. It will give people a better idea of how much trouble all the trash is and how much better the area looks after it has been cleaned. It will also show the entire community how much you care and how responsible you are. Finally, it will get your employees outside in the fresh air and sunshine while getting in a bit of exercise. When you add it all up, your customers will be happy, your business will prosper, and your employees will feel good about working for such a good company.

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