4 Tips To Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean At A Large Outdoor Event

Perhaps you are hosting a huge family gathering at a local park, or maybe you are having an outdoor festival. In either case, having portable toilets on-site is a good thing to do for your guests and will keep the activities going. Even though your portable toilets will arrive at your planned venue in clean and pristine condition, they can get dirty with everyone running in and out throughout the day. Of course, keeping these facilities clean is a nice gesture for all of your guests. Here is a look at a few tips you can use to make sure the portable facilities stay clean while they are parked on your property. 

Make sure the facilities are placed in a good area to start with. 

One of the biggest things you can do to help keep your toilets clean is to make sure they are parked in a good area when they are delivered. For example, if you place the units on a soft patch of grass, you could easily see a lot of grass tracked into the units. Try to have the units placed on a hard surface if possible, but if not, pick grassy areas where there will not be a lot of moisture. 

Get enough portable units for your guests. 

If you do not have enough portable toilets for your planned event, the few that you get can quickly get overused, which will make keeping them clean even harder to achieve. Talk to the company you are renting the units from to determine how many toilets you need based on the anticipated number of guests you will have. 

Place a doormat on the outside of the unit. 

One of the things that gets the dirtiest inside of a portable toilet is the floor because of the frequent foot traffic in and out. You can prevent the floors of the unit from getting really dirty by making sure you place a doormat outside of each one so people can quickly wipe their feet before going inside. 

Place a container of disinfectant wipes in each unit. 

Pick up a container of disinfectant wipes to sit inside each unit after the units are delivered. If anyone makes a mess in the unit, they can grab a wipe and quickly get rid of the mess. It also will not hurt to have someone visit the units periodically to do a quick cleanup using the wipes and some basic cleaning supplies. 

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