Simple Jewelry Customization Ideas

If you're hoping to give the gift of jewelry to a loved one, you want to make sure that the gift is meaningful in some way. Fortunately, custom orders and designs for jewelry are easier than ever, especially through local businesses or online jewelry boutiques. Here are some simple jewelry customization ideas that can increase the meaning and thoughtfulness of your gift. 

Matching Sets

A simple way to give a gift with meaning is to create a set of jewelry that matches in some way. For example, if you are a mother buying silver bracelets for your daughter, you might get a set for yourself. To make them match, they could fit together to create a complete design, or simply have words like "Daughter" and "Mother" inscribed on the bracelets to show they are a set. 

Other matching sets could complete a quote. You might, for example, make a matching set of bracelets or necklaces that have a bar section with song lyrics that complete each other. One might say, "I can fly higher than an eagle" and the other might say, "For you are the wind beneath my wings." Choose a song that means something to both of you. 

Engraved Dates or Quotes

Another way to customize jewelry in order to make it more meaningful is to get pieces that have meaningful engravings. For example, you might decide to get a ring or bracelet for a Harry Potter fan that has one of the more well-known quotes from the series on it. 

You could also choose dates or even times that are meaningful to your relationship. Maybe, for example, you proposed to your partner at 5:35 in the evening. You could put 5:35 on the inside of a locket, bracelet, or ring to remind both of you of your love and commitment to each other. 

Designs from Books or Movies

Books and movies can be beautiful inspirations for jewelry. You might, for example, wish to give your partner a necklace that mimics the appearance of the silver Evenstar pendant from The Lord of the Rings, if they are a fan of the series. Other famous pieces from popular culture include the necklace from Titanic, the one ring from The Lord of the Rings, the Mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games, or even bracelets that look like the ones Wonder Woman wears in the comics. 

Gifts That Keep Giving

When considering the right gift, you might choose one that can be a source of future thoughtful gifts. A silver charm bracelet, for instance, can have more charms added on as time goes by. You can find very specific charms that fit your loved one's interests so the bracelet eventually becomes a reflection of their personality, your relationship, and the experiences you share. You can get charms that reflect their love of reading, their pets, the vacation you took together, a favorite TV show, future goals, trials that they have overcome, and even other members of the family. Silver bracelets with charms can be one of the most personal and customizable jewelry gifts. 

Unique or Unusual Materials

You can also choose to give jewelry that is off the beaten path. For example, you might give a friend or family member a pendant made from a stone you found when you were traveling abroad. You could also find materials that match your loved one's personality. A braided hemp anklet, for example, might be the perfect type of jewelry for a nature lover. Consider jewelry made from wood, different types of stones, recycled materials, rubber, bone, or glass. Some necklaces even have beads made from silicon or paper

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