How To Find The Perfect Collar For Your Beloved Dog

One of the more important purchases you could make for your dog is a collar. It helps you secure them to a leash and also give them some style. There are a lot of options such as fire hose dog collars, but thanks to these tips, you can make the right selection. 

Choose a Comfortable Size

Dog collars today come in a lot of different sizes, which are categorized into small, medium, and large dog breeds. You need to select the right size so that your dog can remain comfortable, but not have such a loose collar that they easily get out.

Finding an optimal balance will involve physically measuring around your dog's neck. Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around their neck. You want there to be several inches of slack, which you can test out by putting your fingers underneath the measuring tape. With these measurements, you should have no trouble finding the right collar size.

Assess Material Options

Just as important as collar size is the material the collar is made of. There are several great options like neoprene, chain, and nylon. Chain collars are probably the most durable, which is perfect if you want to get a lot of years out of this purchase. Nylon collars come in so many different colors and patterns. They also are typically waterproof, which is nice from a longevity standpoint. Neoprene collars are ideal because of their comfortability and style options. They are also great for dogs with skin allergies. 

Think About Closing Mechanism

Dog collars have evolved quite a bit over the years, now featuring all sorts of closing mechanisms. Probably the most common today is a buckle design. Since this design has been around for so long, it's one of the more affordable options. 

One of the more convenient options, though, is a plastic clasping mechanism. It's like a seat belt where you line up both ends and then push together. Then there are metal clasping mechanisms, which are much more durable and will cost a bit more. Go with a closing design that you're most accustomed to and can afford. 

Every dog deserves a good collar. It's what you'll be connecting their leash to day in and day out. As long as you weigh the right factors and look for something that's perfect for both you and your dog, this investment won't be difficult to deal with and you'll get something fantastic. 

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