Cremation For A Deceased Loved One

Ground burial is the most common option chosen when someone loses a loved one, but it can also be the most expensive option. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a financial position to afford the expenses that comes along with a ground burial, especially buying a casket. Many people try to come up with the money for a ground burial because the least expensive option is cremation. If you opt for cremation, you will not only save money, but it might be helpful when it comes to grieving. Basically, the ashes can remain with the family for a lifetime and make them feel as though a piece of their loved one is still with them.

Having a Funeral Service with Cremation

A funeral can actually be hosted with or without a your deceased loved ones body, such as by displaying the ashes rather than a casket during the service. Even if you decide to cremate your loved ones body, it can be done after the funeral service has already taken place. Everyone at the funeral will have the opportunity to view your loved ones body before the cremation process begins. Speaking positive things about your loved one can also take place at the funeral, just as with ground burial. If you opt to not have a traditional funeral ceremony, you and your loved ones can host a private ceremony at a sentimental location of choice with the ashes present.

Keeping Costs within a Budget

Cremation is the option that will allow you to have complete control over the budget, meaning you can avoid spending more than can be afforded. Not needing a casket along will make planning a funeral with cremation less expensive than ground burial. If you decide to wait until after the body is viewed at the funeral for cremation to be performed, the casket will only be temporary and can likely be rented at an affordable price. The funeral home might even include the temporary casket in your overall package depending on what you choose to do. Ask the funeral director about all of the options that you can choose that will help you stay within budget.

What to Do with a Loved Ones Ashes

You can buy multiple urns and place some of your loved ones ashes in each of them. The urns can then be given to various people in your family, and even friends of the deceased. A store that sells urns might have other items that the ashes can be stored in as well.

To learn more about this option for your recently deceased loved one, contact a mortuary that offers cremation services.

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