Critical Reasons To Use Seed-To-Sale Tracking Software For Your Plants

As a marijuana grower, you must abide by stringent rules that the federal and state government have created by your industry. Part of following these rules involves using programs and technology designed for seed-to-sale tracking.

Before you implement them, however, you need to understand for what purpose they are used. These reasons are some for which seed-to-sale tracking software is designed today.

Identification Numbers

One of the main purposes for which seed-to-sale tracking software is made today involves assigning identification numbers to marijuana plants. Growers like you are expected to give each plant an ID number. This ID number will remain with the plant throughout its lifespan, including when it is harvested, sold, and processed for a specific use.

You must then provide governmental regulators with these identification numbers. The regulators will use these numbers to keep track of your plants if necessary and determine who bought the plants and for what purpose that the plants are used.


Another reason for which the technology is used is seed-to-sale tracking. You are accountable for where and to whom your plants are sold. Each buyer must have a specific, approved purpose for why he or she needs to purchase the plants from you. Each buyer must also identify themselves to you so he or she can be tracked if necessary.

This tracking ensures that the marijuana that you grow, harvest, and sell is not used for illicit reasons. It allows the government to know that you are not dealing illegally and providing marijuana for uses that go beyond medicinal or other approved uses. It also shows the regulators that plants that you grow and harvest are not used to make illegal products. You can show that you sold your plants for purposes like making hemp fibers, creating CBD oil or making hemp soap, lotion, creams, or other beauty and health products.

As a marijuana grower, you cannot simply plant and sell your crops for random uses. You also are forbidden from selling your crops to people for any reason. You are held to stringent rules that can underscore your success and credibility as a grower.

You can abide by these rules by using seed-to-sale tracking technology. The seed-to-sale tracking software is used to assign your plants an identification number and determine who bought your plants.

For more information about tracking technology, contact a seller of seed-to-sale tracking software in your local area today.

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