5 Types Of Construction Jobs That May Be Right For You

Are you considering entering the construction industry? There are dozens of different types of construction jobs that you could get, and they all offer different benefits and challenges. Here are five popular construction jobs that might be the right fit for you:

General Labor

If you are looking for an entry-level position in the construction industry, general labor is a great option to consider. You can expect to work on many different aspects of the construction process depending on what kind of projects you work on. Measuring, nailing, hauling lumber, sawing lumber, and assisting builders are all things you will probably do as a general laborer. This type of construction job will keep you in good shape as time goes on too — no need to ever head to the gym.


If you pay good attention to detail and enjoy working with intricate tools and materials, flooring installation may be the right fit for you. You will work with a variety of flooring types such as wood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet. You will be responsible for laying the sub and top flooring and then finishing them based on the specifications you receive for any project you work on.


This type of construction job entails installing brand new roofs as well as repairing those that have already been installed. You may work on personal family homes or huge commercial buildings, and you may work with many materials such as metal, wood, asphalt, and slate. You may also inspect and maintain existing roofs to minimize wear and tear as well as the need for repairs as time goes on.


As a construction manager, you would be charged with managing projects from beginning to end. This would include hiring laborers and specialists, sourcing materials, organizing tools, and overseeing the project overall. Team managers will report directly to you, and you are sure to be expected to handle any problems that arise throughout the construction process for whatever project you happen to be managing.


Construction inspecting does not involve much physical labor, but it does involve stress and lots of responsibility. The inspector is the last line of defense when it comes to identifying problems that could cause delays in getting permits or result in dangerous malfunctions. Your job as a construction inspector involves ensuring that the projects you work on meet company, local, and state standards and meet or exceed building requirements overall.

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