Order These Custom Photo Gifts At Your Local Print Shop

Many business professionals rely on their local print shop for a wide range of professional services, including designing and printing business cards, trade show banners, and more. In addition to these services, many print shops can produce a number of custom products that can be good gifts. If you're looking for a gift that will carry a high sentimental value for the recipient, taking some special photos — perhaps a baby photo, a family portrait, or a wedding photo — to your local print shop can be the first step in ordering a special gift. Here are some custom gifts that your print shop can print for you.

Photo Puzzle

One fun idea to consider is a photo puzzle, which is something that many print shops can produce. You'll need to select the right photo and choose the puzzle size. At some shops, you may even be able to select how many pieces the puzzle will have. If you have young children, a portrait photo of them can make for a good photo puzzle for their grandparents. Or, if your child will be attending a friend's birthday party, a photo of your child and their friend that is turned into a puzzle can make for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Photo Mousepad

Another custom gift idea that many print shops can produce is a photo mousepad. There are all sorts of scenarios in which this can be a good gift. For example, you might want a photo of your children printed onto a mousepad to give to their grandparents as a gift. Or, if Mother's Day or Father's Day is fast approaching, a photo of your kids on a mousepad can make for a fun gift that your spouse will want to take to their office to use.

Photo Blanket

Many print shops can also print on blankets — those made of fleece, for example — which can be another custom gift idea that you may wish to order for someone special in your life. If you have a nice photo of your children with their grandparents, having your local print shop print this image onto a blanket will be a gift that your kids will be excited to give. Or, if you and your child enjoy watching a professional or college sports team together, consider using a photo taken at a sporting event for a custom blanket that you can use when you attend a future sporting event together on a cold day.

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