How To Prepare For Drilling A Water Well

Water well drilling is a task that looks simple at first, but it can get complicated fast. One of the biggest things customers of water well drilling services providers can do is to take a few critical preparatory steps. By addressing these three issues, you can improve the chances that your water well drilling project will succeed.


It's prudent to verify that you're only accessing areas of the property where you have rights. You need to know where the boundaries are, and it's best to conduct a survey to be on the safe side. Likewise, you may want to review the history of the property title to confirm that you have a right to access the water on the property. Similarly, you should determine if the target water deposit overlaps with any neighbors' properties or rights.

You'll also have to come back to your county's registry with any information you discover. In addition to potential changes to the property lines based on the survey, you'll have to enter information about any water sources you discover.

Land Clearance

Many water well drilling services don't provide land clearance. Unless the company tells you otherwise, assume that the location will need to be cleared. If the clearance process gets fairly radical, such as digging out a huge tree that leaves behind a big hole, you may need to have fill brought in, too. Some extreme cases may require re-engineering the earth to provide support for the drilling equipment.

This is also a good time to think about access. Ask the drilling company to send someone to check out the site. They can then tell you whether the existing roads and clear areas provide enough access. You may need to provide better access, especially if the drilling location is in a remote location.


Set aside a zone for staging. The drilling company will use this area to store equipment and materials. Also, they will likely need a place to store dirt, rocks, debris, and mud that might come up from the hole.

You may be able to create a pit for storing the debris from the project. However, you'll want to verify that the driller wishes to do this. It's also a good idea to contact local regulators to learn if such a pit is permissible. Remember, there are often compliance issues if you're accessing an aquifer or the work might affect any nearby waterways. Contact a water well drilling service for more information. 

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