2 Reasons Not To Attempt To Deliver Your New Pool Table To Your Home Yourself

After spending years wishing you could have one, you may have decided to finally buy a pool table for your home. Once you bought it, you may have decided that you can get it home yourself by simply taking it apart and putting it in the back of your truck.

However, there is more to moving and transporting a pool table. Below are a couple of reasons why you should hire a delivery service instead of attempting to get the pool table home by yourself. 

1.  Stowing the Table Incorrectly for Transport Could Damage It

One reason why you should leave the delivery of your new pool table to the professionals instead of doing it yourself is that there is an increased risk of damaging it. If stowed incorrectly, the slate could shatter or the legs may become loose.

While in the vehicle, the vibrations and bumps in the road will affect the table, causing stress to the structure. If the table is not secured and packed correctly by a professional, you may either find that it has sustained damage when you arrive at your home or it may have structural issues that will present themselves later when you try to use it.

2.  Moving the Pool Table Without the Proper Equipment Could Cause Damage and Injury

Another reason why you should have a delivery service move your pool table is that it is extremely hard to do so without the proper equipment and experienced manpower. Typically, the table will need to be moved by several people using dollies on all sides.

If this is not done, the stress caused by moving the heavy table could crack the slate or even cause it to break into pieces. It could also hurt you if the broken pieces shift toward you. The workers with the delivery service will have experience with moving the table with the right equipment so that the job is done safely.

When you attempt to transport and move your own pool table, the table could be damaged from shifting and vibrations while in transport if you do not have the knowledge and tools to ensure it is secured correctly. And, when it comes time to move it, if you do not have the equipment and manpower required for the task, you risk not only damaging the table but also hurting yourself. Instead of attempting to do the job yourself, contact a pool table delivery service to set up a time to have them do it for you.

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