5 Reasons Your Commercial Move Needs White Glove Moving Services

Are you planning a big commercial move for your business? Whether you're relocating, renovating a facility, or even opening a new location, how you handle this move will either make it a great start for the new project or cause upheaval company-wide. How can you make sure it's the former and not the latter? One choice could make all the difference. That decision? A white-glove moving service. Here's why. 

1. Your Business Assets are Expensive. You've put a lot of money into your business — and probably into this new location or project. So you need to protect that investment by ensuring the best care for expensive equipment, tools, files, furnishings, and inventory. As with many other business services, the way to get the best results is to work with professionals. 

2. You Can Focus Elsewhere. Small business owners and managers wear a lot of hats. Has this move added to your ongoing 'to do' list? Hiring moving professionals is a great way to start taking items off that list. But a white glove service goes even further. Skilled and experienced moving pros will assess all your moving needs, provide more protection, and ensure everything is exactly where your directed them to be.

3. Your Employees Need Help. Don't overlook the importance of hiring help for your employees right now. Those affected by the move have to balance preparation and packing along with their regular job duties. The result may be a drop in productivity, a rise in stress, and a lowering of customer service standards. When you hire experienced movers, they will work with your staff to find ways they can take burdens off employees so your business doesn't suffer. 

4. You Can Deduct It. Professional services like moving and delivery are generally tax-deductible. This reduces your overall tax obligation and the cost of the new project. And if you're getting a new venture off the ground, moving services are part of startup costs which can often be deducted either now or for years down the road. 

5. You'll Be Ready to Go. Why do you specifically need a white glove moving company? Simply put, they'll make sure you are ready to go when you arrive at the new location. Such services unpack and position items as instructed, protect the new site, assemble equipment when needed, reposition items, and help do whatever else you may need to make the space ready for business. 

Where to Learn More

Whatever the reason for your commercial move, give it the best chance for success by working with white glove professionals of the highest quality. Start by meeting with a service in your area such as Christofferson Moving & Storage to see how they can help with your most important tasks.

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