Three Times To Hire An Art Installation Service

If you have one or more pictures that you wish to hang in your home, you don't necessarily have to roll up your sleeves, grab some tools, and get to work. If you feel daunted about this job, it's a good idea to turn to a professional. Look online for an art installation service that operates in your community, and then contact the service to discuss the work that you need done. You'll receive a quote and be able to choose a date on which you want to have the work completed. Here are three specific times when it can make sense to hire an art installation service.

Large Picture

A lot of people feel uneasy about trying to hang a large picture in their home. The size and weight of the frame can make this job challenging for the average person. For example, if you don't use wall anchors that are heavy enough to support the weight of the frame, there's a good chance that it could pull the anchors out of the wall — resulting in the picture falling off the wall and perhaps becoming seriously damaged. It's a better idea to hire a picture-hanging professional, who will use the right hardware for the size of the frame.

Challenging Location

It's also worthwhile to hire a picture-hanging service when you need to hang a picture in a location that is challenging to access. For example, you might want a framed painting high on the wall above your staircase or above the mantel of your fireplace. It can be intimidating to try to climb up to these areas with a ladder, and it's also possible that you don't have the right ladder to do the job. Art installation professionals have all sorts of equipment that allows them to reach such areas in your home.

Multiple Pictures

You might feel comfortable with the idea of hanging one picture in your home, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of hanging multiple pictures. For example, you might have a long hallway and like the idea of having pictures along one of the walls. If you don't hang them correctly, they will appear crooked and be an eyesore. Instead of fussing with this time-consuming work, you can hire a professional. They'll guarantee that they'll be able to hang all of the pictures in a perfectly straight line for you and augment the look of the hallway in the process.

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