How To Choose 9Mm Brass For Sale For Reloading

Shooting enthusiasts on a budget often need to balance the costs of the sport, and recycling 9mm brass is one way to manage expenses. When searching for 9mm brass for sale on the internet or at other locations without the option for casing review, it's important to consider quality and how much time is available for the reloading process. 

Bulk buys of 9mm brass

New 9mm brass for sale is relatively easy to shop for in bulk or smaller packaging, but buying used casings is almost always a bulk business to ensure a wide range of options are available for review and reloading. The purchase of larger quantities also provides better prices than purchasing smaller packages. This makes it easier to dispose of unsuitable casings without regret. 

Points to consider

Options for 9mm brass online range from ready-to-shoot to polished casings to mixed bags with quality control measures varying from none to a full review. It's best to consider the amount of time available for reloading brass casings before jumping into a purchase. 

Washed or not? 

Used brass shells are previously fired and often collected from discards at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. This means they are usually recovered with dirt and grime from the firing process on the casing. Many resellers move used 9mm brass through a washing process prior to packaging, saving reloaders a time-intensive cleaning process. However, unwashed casings may be available at a reduced price. Each buyer needs to balance out the time versus money equation independently. 


For some reloaders, the meticulous step of depriming a spent casing is part of the joy in the process of reloading. Others can live without it. Options for 9mm brass for sale include deprimed shells, making it easy to avoid this step if preferred. However, it's still best to carefully inspect each casing before moving forward with the reload. 

Quality control

Outside of new 9mm brass options, purchasing shells is going to be a mixed bag. Resellers of spent casings generally combine brass offerings from different manufacturers into their grab bags. Quality control is also a more streamlined process. Automatic sorters weigh casings to meet quantity guidelines in a purchase, meaning slightly more or less casings may be received periodically and alternate sizes may occasionally slip through. 

Reviewing for casing damaged beyond reuse can also be slightly imperfect, leading to the occasional mixed bag that provides mixed results. Always buy a larger quantity of 9mm brass than required for an upcoming reload session to ensure enough high-quality options are available for a shooting trip.

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