Tips For Protecting Your Items In Storage

Self-storage is beneficial in many instances, whether you're moving or just trying to reorganize. When you invest in a storage unit, it's important that you pack items properly to ensure that you keep things secure, protected, and safe from any environmental exposure. The more you understand about proper storage packing, the easier it is to protect the things that you need in storage.

Proper Packing Tips

When you're ready to start packing your items for storage, it starts with proper boxes and containers. That means high-quality boxes with durable wall construction. Using new and good-quality boxes ensures that your items are protected and secure in storage. Make sure every box is clearly labeled as well. Clear and accessible labeling ensures that you can access what you need quickly and easily.

Choose packing materials that keep the contents of the boxes safe. That means investing in bubble wrap, packing paper, peanuts, and padding material so that nothing rattles around inside the boxes. Anything breakable should be well-insulated from impact. 

Furniture should be disassembled before placing it in storage as well. Storing furniture in pieces with the legs and additional elements removed makes it easier to position everything and protect it from damage.

Finally, make sure you have insurance coverage that extends to the items in your storage unit.

Things to Avoid

When you're packing things for self-storage, avoid over-packing boxes. When you put too much into a box, you risk crushing or breaking things. Not only that, but it can create an overweight situation in the box that makes it hard to carry safely. You might lose the bottom of the box, breaking the contents.

Not only that, but you should also avoid storing food or chemicals. Storing food can attract pests in the unit, and you might find that food quality deteriorates, especially without climate control. Additionally, chemicals in your storage unit could put you at risk of combustion or contamination.

Finally, review the contract to ensure that you know what might be prohibited by the storage company. Avoid putting anything into your storage unit that is prohibited in your rental contract.

The more you understand about storage preparation, the easier it is to ensure that your boxes are properly packed and secure. Protect your items with the right advanced preparation so that you get the boxes out of storage later with everything secure and intact. Talk with a local storage facility near you today for more information.

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