Tips For Choosing Lighting For Your Refrigeration Case

Refrigeration cases are a great option for protecting goods that must be kept cold while allowing your customers to see the product clearly to make buying decisions. One of the biggest factors you need to consider when it comes to your refrigeration cases is the lighting that you will install in those cases. Lighting is a key part of your marketing effort as it affects the visibility and general appearance of your goods. Here's a look at a few things you should consider when you're choosing lights for your store's refrigeration cases.


Any time you're using lighting in a refrigeration case or similar environment, the safety of those lights is a paramount consideration. You need lighting that is in properly sealed encasements, preferably waterproof so that you don't risk any electrical issues from moisture in the case.

You may also find some lights that are rated as water-resistant. While these are better than lights with no water protection, waterproof lighting is better protected and safer for your refrigeration cases. You can be confident that condensation won't damage your lighting or your electrical system when you opt for waterproof lights.


Another important consideration for your refrigeration case lighting is the clarity of the light. The clearer the light, the more natural your products will appear under those lights. You don't want to install lighting that's going to discolor your products by adding a yellow or grey hue to them. This can make food appear unappetizing and reduce your sales. Instead, look for lighting that promises true color rendition based on pure light clarity. The clearer and more natural the light, the better it will be for the appearance of your refrigeration case.

Heat Production

One thing many business owners might be worried about is adding heat to the environment inside the refrigeration case by adding lighting. You'll want to consider the heat production of the lights when you make your selection. LED lighting is often the best option for minimal heat production. LED lights stay cool, so they won't add any additional heat inside the refrigeration case when they are on.

These are some of the most important considerations when you are looking for lighting to install inside your refrigeration case. Understanding your lighting options is important so that you can create the proper appearance without risking any kind of electrical damage or unnecessary heat addition inside the unit. Talk with a local refrigeration case and lighting supplier near you today for more information about refrigerated case merchandising illumination.

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