Keeping Your High-Pressure Pump In Working Condition

For individuals that need to regularly use pressure washers, their high-pressure pumps can be essential devices for powering these tools. Knowing the steps for effectively caring for these powerful pumping systems can go a long way in helping to extend the lifespan of these devices.

Keep The Exterior Vent Of The Pump As Clean As Possible

Your high-pressure pump will have a number of vents on the exterior. These vents will have to remain clean and clear if the system is able to remain functional. Failing to keep these components clean can result in the entire unit overheating, which can lead to it shutting down or experiencing catastrophic damage. As a result, it could mean the high-pressure pump needs to be replaced. When removing dust from these vents, a vacuum can be an effective option that will remove the dust without the risk of knocking unwanted debris into the interior of the system.

Avoid Setting The Pressure For The Pump Too High

When you are operating the high-pressure pump, it is important to be mindful of the maximum amount of pressure that it is able to withstand. If you set the pump to be much higher than this, you could expose it to a greater risk of damage. Your pressure pump system will have a gauge on it that will monitor the pressure the system experiences. This can let you know whether you need to turn the pressure down or if there is a problem that is causing the pressure to be excessively high. Unfortunately, some people may not check the gauge while they are using the pressure pumps, and this can lead to them being more likely to encounter serious problems when these systems are in use.

Keep The High-Pressure Pumps Lubricated

A pressure pump will produce large amounts of friction, which will have to be mitigated to keep the pump from potentially tearing itself apart. Applying lubricant to the mechanical parts of the system on a regular basis can be an important step in reducing the harmful effects that this friction can have on the pumping system. When applying more lubricant, you have to be mindful of the need to use the correct type of lubricant as well as avoiding adding too much lubricant. Fortunately, your high-pressure pump will provide information on the type of lubricant that should be used along with the amount of it that is needed.

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